You Are a Star

You are a star!  Not for the reasons you might be thinking.

A few months ago during the cross country season, I asked our women’s team to watch a small video clip from Wreck It Ralph.  In that movie, there is a scene with many of the Disney princesses.  In that small clip you could see each of their characteristics and what made them special.  We then had a discussion on what princess they would be if they were in a Disney movie.  We talked about all of their strengths and weaknesses and how  those traits related to Cinderella, Ariel or Merida (just to name a few).

There are a lot of on-line character quizzes out there – you know, where you answer a few questions and within a few seconds it shoots out the Harry Potter character that you most resemble or the political candidate you most align with.  They can be fun.

While the entertainment value for those tests and surveys are high, they aren’t always completely accurate.  At least that is my guess.  There is really no way to test that theory though.  The most accurate character depiction and “star” that you resemble is….YOU.

When the lights go out on the movie production set, the actors and actresses go home and reveal their true characters.  They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, coaches, leaders and followers.  Just like all of us non-stars, they are human beings.  They have moments of joy and times of trouble.

You are living your own TV show each day.  You wake up, you go about your day and go back to sleep at night.  In that small window of time you have moments where the audience, if they were watching, would be laughing.  Sometimes they might cry, or dislike you, or cheer for an encore.  But you are living out a real life TV show.

So what are you going to do on today’s episode?

One of my favorite quotes of all time is “make every day your masterpiece.”  It’s a quote from the Hall of Fame Coach, John Wooden.  As I explain to anyone that asks why I like it so much, I explain it as starting each and every day with a blank canvas.  You have been given many hours to create that masterpiece.

We shouldn’t live each day striving for perfection.  We will fall short of that goal time and time again.  But rather, take advantage of every opportunity that you have been given to live a good life.  Have fun, do the right things and help make this world a better place.  That’s the road map, or the TV script, towards a “masterpiece” day.

Like I said, you are the STAR!

Chris Hardie is the Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach at Waynesburg University.  You can follow him on Twitter @Coach_Hardie_WU or follow the team on Facebook at Waynesburg University Cross Country.

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