The Habit of Being Successful

I am not a “success expert”….let’s just get that out of the way.

But I am the type of person who really likes a challenge, and when I focus my attention on a goal, I usually work as hard as I can to accomplish that goal.  Sometimes I am successful, and sometimes I fail. That is life.

My belief on success is that you really do have to work extremely hard to be successful.  If you own a successful business, you are probably the first one in the office and the last one to leave.  If you are a successful athlete, you probably outwork the competition and are willing to push yourself a bit more than those around you.  If you are a successful writer, or doctor, or chef or teacher – you have to work to be better each and every day.

You create your own success by being willing to work.

You create your own success by staying focused on the goal.

You create your own success by pushing through when people around you are ready to quit.

A study from 2009 that was conducted by Phillippa Lally of University College London, and focuses on the creation of habits.  82 people provided data over a 12-week period.  They chose a new habit and Lally studied the results of their journey.  What she found is that it took the participants anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a habit.  On average, it took participants 66 days to form a habit.

How does this study relate to success?

To me, success can become a habit.

There are highly motivated men and women in our society that refuse to lose.  I bet if you think hard enough a few of them come to mind.  They are focused on being successful and they have created a habit of winning.

All of us can create a winning culture in our lives.  In order to achieve that prosperity and that success, we need to develop some good habits.  And as Lally uncovered in her study, it may take a few months or up to a year (or more) to really create that habit of winning.

But what habits are the most important ones to develop in order to be successful?

That really depends on the goal and the journey you are about to embark on.  But regardless of the outcome, these three habits are extremely important to me:


Don’t be afraid to experiment

Evaluate often

Outwork the competition


If you like where this is going, come back and check us out next month.  I will focus on the three habits that I think are most important. See you soon…..


Chris Hardie is the Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach at Waynesburg University.  You can follow him on Twitter @Coach_Hardie_WU or follow the team on Facebook at Waynesburg University Cross Country.

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